Friday, May 27, 2011


Chester, Llanberis, and Llandudno:  Chester had a Roman amphitheater, Roman/medieval walls, and was just a fun little town.  We drove through Llanberis before we arrived at Llandudno.  We stayed in Llandudno, in a beach-front hotel, for a few days.  It was freezing, but it was alright.  We walked along the beach, and around town.  I got my first pair of boots there as well.  Tip: don't wear Converse on the beach in Wales, especially when you have a crack in the bottom of both.  Bad things will happen to you (..luckily, I packed extra socks!).  We also saw Caernofon Castle, where the Princes of Wales are crowned and often lived.  Prince Charles was crowned there.  In Llanberis, we saw Doldabarn Castle, which is in complete ruins.  All that is left is the keep and a few of the foundation stones from the rest of it, but we did go inside the keep.  Doldabarn is right next to a little town with the best food in England, apparently, and they had a Nando’s (convenient story, in American terms).  Nando’s sells “American style Coca Cola,” which, does NOT taste like American Coke.  It’s close but not quite.  On the way back we stopped at Snowdonia and visited a waterfall. 

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