Friday, May 27, 2011

Nottingham and Sheffield

Nottingham and Sheffield:  These two were not in the same trip, but in Sheffield I visited the University of Sheffield, School of Archaeology (a possible choice of grad schools).  A former colleague of mine went to Sheffield and she was visiting England and some friends in Sheffield so I spent the afternoon there with them.  Lovely city. 

I went to Nottingham twice.  I saw one of the oldest pubs in England (Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, established in 1189) and this pub is built into the foundation rocks of Nottingham Castle.  I also ate at said pub.  ‘Twas delicious.  We went to another pub called the Pit and the Pendulum.  Think Dungeons and Dragons.  That was a great little place too.  Of course, being geeks, we visited Forbidden Planet, which has Doctor Who stuff.  The guy I was with had bought me a Dalek keychain a couple weeks prior, and then he added a TARDIS keychain to my collection.  I liked Nottingham, and I would like to revisit it.

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