Friday, May 27, 2011


Paris:  Honestly, Paris wasn't as awesome as I thought it would be.  It is a wonderful city...if you have money to shop, which we didn’t.  College students with money?  I think not.  We did find an H&M.  I really like that place.  It’s best described as the American Old Navy, only nicer.  We did see the Eiffel Tower (and we did go up), and the National Assembly, the Catacombs (go, it is an absolute must-see).  We didn't get to the Sewers because we couldn't find them.  We couldn't find the Bastille either, but we saw the square, and people were protesting something so we saw the police in riot gear.  Always a good time when that happens.  We saw France's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier/Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Palace of Versailles.  The Louvre is a day in itself, but we only spent a few hours there.  We were accosted by people asking for money for the “deaf, blind, and dumb,” but they understood every word we said despite them apparently being deaf.  The Palace was a day trip in itself.  We walked all through the Palace and down the Grand Canal, and then to Marie Antoinette’s hamlet.  We came back to see the Eiffel Tower light up at night.   Right across the street from the Eiffel Tower (across from the Northern pillar of it), there is a nice little stand that sells delicious crepes.  You pay 3 Euros for it but it hits the spot when you have the munchies.  I also saw a Corvette in Paris...never thought I would see a Corvette in Europe, but I did.  Our hotel also had toilet paper that had an expiration date printed on the roll.  It had expired a few weeks prior to our arrival. 

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