Friday, August 12, 2011

A Word on Products

Being me, I'm not a fan of changing products I've grown accustomed to, so I was curious as to the kinds of products available in Europe.  It sounds ridiculous and may seem narrow minded, selfish, and generally foolish, but this was just one more thing on my mind while I was packing for travels not only to Harlaxton but also to Romania.  In my travels I've learned that products Americans love are basically worldwide, well, at least in the countries I visited, and there is no further need to worry.  Every country is obviously going to have its own types of products.

For example, Romania's soap/shampoo/conditioner is under the name Wash-N-Go, and it works.  In Romania, you can also get the Western brands like Pantene, Clean and Clear, and Dove in pharmacies (Farmacie), although they will be more expensive.  England has other Western brands that we all know and love (the above mentioned in addition to Degree, Fructis Garnier, Olay).  Ladies, Always, Kotex, and Tampax are available from England to Romania.  I checked.  And if you find the need for them, Durex condoms were available everywhere was well. 

In my travels, I have also discovered that food is essentially the same.  The chocolate in Romania is absolutely delicious.  Milka is, I think, the best.  I found Snickers, KitKats, and Skittles, Orbit gum, as well as Mt Dew, Coca Cola, Sprite, and Pepsi.  I even found Pringles and Nutella.  England and the Western countries are closer to the States.  Just the other night I found Hot Pockets in ASDA, and I was thrilled to pieces. 

For the most part, products from soap, shampoo, and food are available in the Western countries.